Taking as its starting point the panoramic vista from the top window of Atlas House, "Point. Of. View" interweaves a series of narratives surrounding Charlotte Warne Thomas’ on going research into the unique materiality of gold together with her recent investigations into different aspects of Atlas House's history and context.

"Point. Of. View" explores the potential links between the Winerack, a now infamous tower block of luxury flats on Ipswich’s skyline and Atlas House’s history as a former factory. Through a series of related works, including: an audible gilded window visible from across the neighbourhood; a semi-transparent curtain featuring a print from a letterpress forme; a short film of gold high heels from the V&A collection; and a text work; Warne Thomas seeks to highlight fortuitous coincidences and tease out unlikely relationships between the different elements of the exhibition. 

Ipswich image.jpg

Charlotte Warne Thomas is an artist, researcher and educator based in London. Her practice based PhD at Kingston University's Contemporary Art Research Centre is funded by AHRC consortium Techne. Her research seeks to explore the unique materiality of gold using historical and fictional narratives, through investigations of the transformation of gold between different states, in processes including electroplating, dissolving and precipitation. She is co-founder and curator of Peer Sessions, a post-graduate crit group supporting artists' professional development and collaborative practice.