John Chilver, 'The Near Abroads', opens Saturday 8th June, 2-6pm, all welcome. Show runs until end of the month by appointment, message here or text 07940245386 #johnchilver

2 dialogues / 1 window / 5 paintings

Z: I want to much care why provide some clarity and not including getting just make sweeping remarks.
Y: What point taken?
Z: There was something way a paper trail got to be done, but she didn’t know.
Y: No and frankly what don’t?
Z: She that lead could hold out.
Y: Which?
Z: Either could be insurance policy. Mocked up grease or not, built on impersonation to help the wheels or not – it doesn’t much matter. Established. And filed. A hostage-taking withdrawn under to hedge against.
Y: Became create a kind of duress.
Z: There was to be it’s the events that did occur undone.
Y: Friendly with The You.
Z: Think she create a kind of attended the meeting.
Y: I don’t. Too much needed. Either she went or not. Residents' paper in Joensuu solemn.
Z: Me to believe that size an operation size was in too.


The Near Abroads Rehearsal 1, 2019
comprising 2 works:

A Beach Towards Espoo #1, 2014-19
oil on canvas with half-frame
43.3 x 37.3 cm

Solar #1, 2015
oil on patterned canvas with half-frame
43.5 x 37.2 cm


Dialogue P/O (Korean/English), 2016-17
papers on music stand, translations by Zbong Lee

Dialogue Z/Y (Finnish/ English), 2016-17
papers on music stand, translations by Pasi Valiaho, Kati Kärki
and Anna Mikkola


The Near Abroads Rehearsal 2, 2019
comprising 2 works:

Always remain on the threshold even after entering the house, 2013
3 interlocking unpainted panels, overall 112 x 71 cm

A Beach Towards Espoo #2, 2016-19
oil on canvas with half-frame
43.3 x 37.1 cm

The Near Abroads Rehearsal 3, 2019
comprising 3 elements:

concertina screen doors
frame fragment

Paris Contract, 2012
oil on canvas
16.5 x 51 cm

With thanks to Zbong Lee, Pasi Valiaho, Kati Kärki and Anna Mikkola for translations and advice on dialogues.

John Chilver is an artist and writer based in London. Recent projects and exhibitions have included: John Chilver/ Xero, Kline & Coma, London, 2018; Reckless Hope, SR N4, Am Flutgraben, Berlin; Malevolent Eldrich Shrieking, Attercliffe TM, Sheffield; Not Dream of Islands, Palfrey, London; all 2018. His writings have appeared in Afterall, Art Monthly, Art Papers, Distinktion/Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory, Schizm, Spike, Starship and elsewhere.