No sign of abating
 begins on the street, the light of the top floor gallery visible from outside the building; pulsating and interrupted by bursts of light. Loud, metronomic hammering can be heard before entering the apartment.

Inside, a set of street light lanterns are strewn across the floor, over-sized within the confines of the gallery, obstacles breathing light in and out of the space. Sitting in the corner opposite, old glass table tops and a light box, huddled together and programmed to disrupt the peace of a residential apartment. The two works operate autonomously yet appear to communicate, both sets of lights falling in and out of sync as the glass is attacked.

Exhibitions and screenings include failure at Lítost, Prague, Let's Decant (solo) at Chalton Gallery, Dead Supplement (solo) at Lacuna, London, Do the Hokey Cokey at Espacio Arterial, Mexico, New Contemporaries at ICA, London and Primary, Nottingham, FUSO, Lisbon.

No more acting up, 2018
10 programmed street light lanterns

For what it's worth, 2018
Two glass table tops, light box, solenoid motor, contact mics, surface transducer

Photography by Alexander Christie